Twelve years in the making!  It’s been a long haul, but finally my novel, CLARA AT THE EDGE, will launch November 21.   I’m exhausted and delighted.  Clara , seventy-three, is afraid she will die  miserable and alone before she settles major family pain.  Alienated from her son, needing to confront the guilty secrets of her daughter’s death, and longing for love again (though she’d never admit it), Clara is scared and stuck. Magic purple wasps saved her from her abusive father as a child and will help her now, but wasps live 120 days and she’s only got 35 days left.  When her beloved old house is scheduled for demolition, she insists her son haul the house from Eugene to Jackpot, Nevada, where her orderly life is turned upside down by two troubled young people.  In this deeply felt, sometimes comic novel, a rowdy purple wasp, a spirit guide with amazing powers, tries to make Clara face her deepest fears before she loses everything of value to her.

Ms. Fox can be reached at (Not to be confused with Mary
Jo Fox)

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